Skating to the Dentist's office

November 9, 2016
By , Grand Rapids, MI

The roller skating track was very iridescent,

My mom desired me here so I was acquiescent,
I reiterated to my mom that I didn’t know how to skate,
But she wanted us to stay there till it was late,

I started to skate but stayed next to the wall,
The wall lifted me up so that I didn’t fall,
I started to get great at it after a while,
I  could skate without it being a trial,

Out of the blue mom said it was time to go,
I told her I was going one more lap though,
As if I stepped on a banana I flipped,
I nervously felt my tooth and it was chipped,

My spill at that moment was very ignominious,
The cacophony it made was kind of fulmineous,
I got up and strided right to my mom,
She was so gentle and helped me to be calm,

Although my tooth was sanded and fixed,
Fun and chipping my tooth are words that never mixed,
When we look back on it my parents could be derisive,
But then to their inclination to be kind they’re always submissive.

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