November 11, 2016
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The words
Some nice,others…
Others can make you fall
Others can make you regret
But some will pull you up
Some will make you laugh

I lay next to my mother tonight
Whom I love and adore
She watches a show
And my twin is sitting there beside me
Sometimes mocking
Sometimes laughing
Always there
I ask her for advice
And confess my misery
I hate her
I love her
She is all I have
My mother is there but not there
I can talk to her but there is a force
I sense a force that tells me not to
A force that compels me to turn around
To hold it in and not make her stress
Stress over my worries
I must be strong
I cannot show weakness
I am disgusted of myself when a tear leaks through
She is sick she needs me
I must be strong
I will guide her and support her
I will make sure she has no worries
I will make sure she has no pain
I will make sure she is happy
I will write her poems on her birthday to make her smile
Her smile
Her smile lights up the world
Her laugh
Her laugh is like angels singing
Her voice
Her voice is something I latch onto
She is the person I strive to impress
She is my anchor to this earth

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