Comfort a Friend

November 10, 2016
By cheetahsdontroar SILVER, North Haledon, New Jersey
cheetahsdontroar SILVER, North Haledon, New Jersey
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Crying there, not sure what to do.

telling him that he will get through.

Yes it's a loss, and there's so much pain

you're doing everything to stay sane

it feels like the sadness never cease

that you'll never again be at peace

but I'm here for you, I'm your friend

I'll stay by your side until the very end

I know you are filled with sorrow

that there is no hope for tommorrow 

But it's okay, I'm here

Let me draw near

And comfort you

The author's comments:

My friend lost someone special, and I can't/couldn't figure out a way to comfort him. All I could tell him was that I was there and would stay by his side. 

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