My Darkness Consumes Me

March 11, 2009
By Bryan Bischoff BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
Bryan Bischoff BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
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Where is the light?
Where is my angel?
Why am I alone,
My Darkness won't tell.

Why, oh great darkness
Has thou forsaken me?
You can't leave me in bliss,
The way it should be

My hate rises
Your grasp grows strong,
It is you I despise,
You caused all this wrong.

I reach for the light
And you take it from me,
You leave me in fright,
Of what I can't see.

Where is my love,
You took it from me,
My loneliness builds,
And gives power to thee.

I ask for my angel
You keep her away,
I cry in sadness,
Knowing you're here to stay.

I deny your hold
Even as I cry,
And in the worst of cold,
I lie down, and die.

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