A Concert to Never Forget

November 9, 2016
By writerpersonal BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
writerpersonal BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Everyone was on top of the cold metal chairs.
It seemed that they were standing there just to annoy me. Angel, Eric ,and I all were reaching for a glace of the headliner.

As the cold air was brushing my cheeks.
The crying clouds started to make me go numb.
As the concert started all we could see was a blurred wisp of the headliner Kelsey Ballerini.
After the headliner we knew we had bad seats
Who is the designer of the concert setup?
Rascal Flatts was on soon what do we do?

During setbreak while the roadies set up
We created a master plan for a better spot
Step 1 Eric distracts the 2 security guards  with many simple minded questions 
Step 2 Angel and I run passed the unknowing  guards towards the VIP section
Step 3 Shove threw all the crazed fangirls
Step 4 Enjoy

The band was starting soon all there was to set up was the mic.
I feel nauseous as the butterflies in my stomach are attacking me.
We finally put our plan in action
Eric asked a million simple minded questions as we tumbled into VIP.
We shoved our way thru with time to spare.
They played 100 songs and then…
On our left a white haired wrinkly security guard
We panicked we freaked were the only ones without the neon yellow wristbands
We act casual trying to hide our everlasting fear and we went unnoticed.

As the concert came to a close and the cold bright night ends this unreal kind of September day ends.

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