Marvelous Fate

November 8, 2016
By , Grand Rapids, MI

My feet dragged across the floor walking into class.
There was a test today, I knew I wouldn’t pass.
There was not a thing to scrutinize.
I was about to cry.

A thunderous ring went through my ears as the teacher came in.
And within
You could tell he wasn’t great.
I began to deteriorate.

Before we inaugurate the test
Our teacher had left.
With him he had some papers whiter than the clouds.
Two rooms down we perceived an “OH NO!” that was as loud as a crowd.

When he came back
There were no papers nor a snack.
“Hey y’all, I have somethin’ to say:
Unfortunately, there won’t be a test today.”

The class looked shocked
In which they hadn’t talked.
I now know invariably to study for everything
So you now at least know something.

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