Surprise Surprise

November 8, 2016
By Anonymous

My aunt was on her way.
It was a cool April evening in the garage of my house and she was almost here.
I could hear the car running up the driveway.
I heard the explosion of a car door closing.
Her feet were stomp stomping up the driveway

She comes stomping up, all of a sudden “SURPRISE”
She had that look of “really” on her face
At first she was a little furious
But also superstitious when she saw all of the cars
But she was as happy as a fisherman getting a 12 pound bass

Everyone was there, even people not from the family
I was entertaining her by just being myself
When it was about half way through the party it started to downpour cats and dogs everywhere
There were huskies, german shepherds and chocolate labs everywhere
.   After it stopped we got back to having a great time in the yard 

After everyone had left
She came up and gave my mom, dad, sister, and myself a great big bear  hug
She thanked all of us and then went on her merry way
She had a great time

In conclusion
She had a great time at the party
The whole party was a blast
It was unsurpassed

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