A ride on the corkscrew

November 8, 2016
By idontknoworcare BRONZE, None Of Your Buisness, Michigan
idontknoworcare BRONZE, None Of Your Buisness, Michigan
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Me and my dad got out of the car
It was very packed
Which was very bizarre

We were at michigan's adventure
Right about 9
We were there to have a good time

We were hoping to bypass the line
Because we did not have
That kind of time

We raced to the ride
Based that their was no line
Our seat was the worst
We knew it was cursed

We had to sit on the back
All throughout the track
Then we heard the clack of the track
On the lift hill on the track
It felt like tacs

Once we reached the top
I felt like i was gonna pop
It was lusid that this would not
Be good i'd be putrid

When we went down it started to shake
I almost got a headache
But then it ended i felt bedded in my seat
But oh no we over shot
My head is gonna pop!

But now i know
And i'm here to say
The back of the coaster
Is not ok!

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