March 10, 2009
Im walking. Its dark. The trees stare at me in shame. I see only a small whole in which I assume is to swallow my eyes. I reach out. No hand grasps my soul. No pain falls over me. What is this? No fairness rises from this. I do not visit often but I seek reason. Let me be suffocated in my own self-consumed life. Let me arise from this cleansing better than the fairy princess that entered. I cant stand her eyes of guilt. I cant breathe her air a moment more. Wolves take your howls to my ears. I hear you crawling just take me into a better state of mind. I cant live with my way of life any longer. Let change take hold of me and shake me into submission.

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project827 said...
Mar. 21, 2009 at 1:15 am
very good writing, i can't stop saying this. but from some reason it makes no sense even though I'm pretty sure I know whats going on here.
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