(un)friendly encounters

November 7, 2016
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First day of school, oh how I dread this day.
So many people, so many new faces to see,
Hundreds upon thousands of bombarding jocks,nerds, divas, and
Other unwanted people that just don’t seem to match as I. All of
various shapes and sizes, that feel, unfamiliar to me.
I don’t see anyone alike to me, not even my old friend, Ross Lee.
Nor do I see anyone I may even know.
The amount of friends I could have could be so low…
Talking to others can be such a pain, I never
know what to say! My stomach gets all turned
upside down just thinking about talking to any girl or boy.

Looking around there are many unfamiliar faces
Some people make me feel I may be going to new places
Possibly I’ll meet some people that seem interesting enough
Hopefully making friends isn’t too rough.

How about him, he looks nice and seems okay.
“Hey, what’s up?” I said to him in dismay
“He” turned around. That wasn’t exactly a him, looks like
my search is going for a swim…
Maybe her? She seems okay, but she seems like she might
be a little’ too cloying for my likes.
How about him? He seems like he’s smart.
Walking up to him why even bother at all,
He won’t even respond to me, he must be “too tall”
I hate people like that, how can they be so narcissistic.
I can’t have a friend that won’t even think of what I have to say.

Making friends seems like too much of a fiasco.
It’s impossible, there’s no hope for that task now.
Sighing, I feel peevish. There’s no hope for making friends anyways.
Why even try when there’s no hope for me any day...

Maybe I’ll just have to try another day, it’s not like this
is the end. As teachers in my past have said,
there’s plenty of fish in the sea; and in the end, who needs friends?
There’s always tomorrow, and more to come and go.
For now I guess it’s not too bad, I mean at least I can enjoy
some peace and quiet, Hopefully for quite a while...

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