It Was the Summer of 2014

November 7, 2016
By , Grand Rapids, MI

It was the summer of 2014
We were in Tennessee and we had rented a cabin on an escarpment
There was a significant show planned later that night and we were going to shop first
My mom, dad, sister, and I were going to get there hours before
But let's skip the opener and go straight to the MANE event

When we arrived we realized there wasn’t many shops
We went to a few touristy, run down ones that were there and found nothing
There wasn’t really anything else so we went back to the drawing board
We decided going to the theater and waiting was the best option
So we went to the theater and lingered for a while

There was some bench swings we perched on for quite a while
We came up with games to play for hours and hours
There was the alphabet game and would you rather
Soon outside of the theater became packed with people
And eventually the doors opened

When everyone was in, it was as loud as a lions roar
There was a great deal of food once we were seated
The main thing I was focused on was the horses
It was like they were calling my name
In the end the show was great I would have gone again

From this I learned something
Even when it feels like there is nothing to do
You can repeatedly use your imagination
To create something even better or more entertaini

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