The Ocean and The Sky

November 5, 2016

I saw a big blue ocean in your eyes,
and you saw a vast galaxy in mine.
My stars sunk deep and your waves rose up high,
your sparkling water met with my dark sky.

You said that you would love me forever.
That we’d live and die in this world together.
I just wish I had known that forever has an end,
and it’s possible to die before you’re dead.

Your waves crashed, while my stars burst into flames.
I could tell that you had already forgotten my name.
I didn't know what, and I didn't know when,
but I knew I'd never see the world the same again.


On that last day, a million tears were shed.
One for each memory as it left my head.
And in that last moment, when you dropped my hand
I knew my heart was broken forever,

or at least until the end.

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