A Heat Break

November 4, 2016

Your smile
Can’t say I’ve seen that for while
Your eyes
The way they hide your lies
Don’t think I didn’t notice your style
Oh, that made me wild
The way you looked at me
Hooked me
Your smart little brain
Drove me insane
You pass by
And I sigh
Your social media is lame
Can’t say I miss your game
Your smell
There is no way to tell
How my smile fel
Arms wrapped around me
I can’t be free

Without you here I feel hollow
The sight of you makes me want to follow
With your faith
I felt safe
  Knowing you can see me
  It kills me
  You’re older than me
  Doesn’t make me childish
  You’re taller than me
  That’s okay
  Then it happened
  You looked at me
It was over
  Your eyes wouldn’t cry
  You didn’t even try
  All you could say was bye
  You turned your back
  And that was that
  I didn’t get a say
  You just walked away
  I was in love
But you didn’t see
  I thought we’d be together
  I thought it was forever
  A week late
  I say her
  A brunnet
  I hope you are happy
  You left me heart flappy
  Just tell her
  You were fun
  But we are done

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