Tapping Our Ways Though the Dark

November 4, 2016
By , Grand Rapids, MI

The evening was disturbingly stressful
My stomach filled with butterflies hoping I’d be successful
Watching the auditorium fill up with familiar faces
We were ready to go with our bows and sparkly laces.

The lights has dimmed and the curtain had raised
I then had noticed the crowd was already amazed
We tapped, tapped, tapped our way through the song,
But then all of a sudden, something went wrong.

The music had vanished, the show had stopped
And when we looked into the crowd, their mouths began to drop
Looking around, hoping to find an answer,
It then hit me, that I was not only a dancer!

I grabbed a mic and continued our song
And then my classmates began to tap along
Classmates now discovered a hidden talent of mine,
And said that my singing was quite beautiful and divine.

Now that we ended & took our bow
We had now realized it went amazing now
With smiles & sparkles & very much success
We now had no more mind erupting stress

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