Rain Is

November 4, 2016
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Rain is.
Rain is beautiful.
Rain is a beautiful thing.
Rain is a beautiful thing that washes.
Washes what we’ve done wrong.
Washes what we’ve done.
Washes what?
Washes dishes.
Washes dishes in the sink.
Washes dishes in the sink from dirty children.
Dirty children who ate pasta.
Pasta eaten in Italy.
Eating in Italy.
Italy is a beautiful place.
Rain is a beautiful thing.
Rain in Italy
Waters the grapes.
The grapes are plucked
To be eaten or squashed.
Squash is nice, too.
But squash doesn’t make wine.
Grapes make wine.
Wine makes me whine.
I whine the tears
That go back to the clouds
To make beautiful rain in Italy again.

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