Scream, Scream, Scream

November 4, 2016
By TheFlashNatalie BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
TheFlashNatalie BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Early in the morning
Out on the farm, in the countryside
The breeze drifted the smell of cow to my nose
And was just right, out in the sunlight

The pleasure of the soft silky gray tabby cat in my arms was wonderful
But the farm cats always have a little attitude
I did not want to let the shining star go
Until the cats excruciating claw climbed up the front of my neck, digging into my skin

As it deteriorated, the cat hung from my trembling body
I scurry to my parents with the unbearable pain
Absolutely terrible trying to remove it
We pulled at the cat but the cat fought that war as best as it could

After what seemed like forever, the cat retracted its knives
My neck screamed, as the cat escaped
I dare not grab that cat up ever again
So I am to scared to

Remembering now I am mortified
However I was terrified
The cat let me find out the hard way
To let the cat go when it pleases

The author's comments:

A narritive poem we had to write for school.

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