The Recess Slip-Up

November 4, 2016

Recess had just begun
My friends and I decided to run
The playground is always busy
Ice was covering the entire Zinser playground.

Recess had started it was time to go play
My friends and I ran without any delay
There were so many children on the playground it was a concert
A lot of them were playing with the snow on the ground

Finally, we finished running through the deep snow
We approached the ice covered playset and started playing tag
With lots of kids running around I knew something would go bad
There was ice everywhere we were running

Before I knew it I slipped on the ice that was as thick as a brick.
It happened so sudden, I didn’t have time to comprehend about what happened
With many people laughing I got up without hesitation
I walked away and my friends approached me.

We all talked as a group and came up with a decision
The decision changed recess in the winter for our group that played
There was gonna be no more tag on the playset in the winter for us.

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