The Necklace

March 9, 2009
It's yours, he said
And handed her the box
As long as you wear it
I'll never let you go

She placed it on her neck
Fastened it in the back
She felt the cold of the metal on her skin
And arranged her hair so he would see
The silver pendant

I'll never take it off
I swear I never will
She heard her voice say
As he left her standing there

As soon as he was gone
Her hand flew to her neck
She tore at the chain

She took the necklace off
And she felt like she could breathe
She placed it softly in her hand
And placed it gently in the box
And left it on the bed

And she slowly walked away

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project827 said...
Mar. 21, 2009 at 1:19 am
dang, girl. that is powerful stuff. good job.
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