March 9, 2009
By , Madison, WI
I wish I could break into tiny pieces
And expand to cover every inch of your sky
And scatter myself through the wind

that blows across your face
I want to be in every breath you take-
Exist in every particle-
So you can find me wherever

you may wander

I wish I could split into raindrops
That lightly soothe your aching skin -
Be absorbed into your bloodstream

Lose myself in every vein
I want to reflect on every ocean
Paint myself into every sky
Conceal myself in every sunrise

That occludes your night

I wish I could speak with a thousand voices
And crush your doubt with every word
Subdue you with each mighty echo

Steep my voice in authority
I want to reforge the paths in your brain
Leave my mark on every nerve
Manipulate all your emotions

Rewrite each memory

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