Make A Difference For All Of The World To See

March 9, 2009
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It has been well said that
"Nothing Great In Life Is
Accomplished Without Passion"
Either Preaching Powerful Sermons
Or Leading The Way In Fashion
Whatever You Do In The World
Be Sure To Do It With All Of Your Heart
Give From Your Soul, Give Your Heart
Take The Chance To Leave Your Mark

Because Of Those Who Came Before Now
Who Selflessly Changed The Course Of History
They Gave Mankind A Great Big "Pow!"
Mother Teresa Cared For Lonely Lepers
Joan of Arc Fought For The Glory Of Her God
And I Suppose It Could Be Said
Arnold Changed The World With His "Bod"!

You Too Can Be Like These Memorable People
If You Sacrifice Yourself And Your Time
Find A Cause You Halfway Believe In
That Will Take Of Your Blood Or Give A Dime
The World Will Be Different
Flowing With Love, Milk And Honeybees
If We Take The Opportunity
Make Peace With Everyone We See

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