The Last One

March 9, 2009
My pounding feet
Raise clouds of dust
The sound of defeat
Because of our lust

Im the last one standing
The only one crying
The first one falling
I'm the last one dying

Where to next?
North or East?
South or West?
That's the least
Of the rest

And now I know
It's starting soon
I can feel the woe
And the crying moon

Sounds the clock
The sun is gone
The light withdrawn

I'm the last one standing
The last one crying
The last one falling
I'm the last one dying

He's coming for me
I can feel the cold
Then Earth will be
Completely empty

I see him before me
Darker than night
And then I'll be
Free from fright

Everything is numb
The pain, the fear
Even the love
Not one more tear
Will fall as I do
I was the last one
The last one here
All else is gone
There's no more to fear.

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