March 9, 2009
By UndercoverPoet SILVER, Weston, Florida
UndercoverPoet SILVER, Weston, Florida
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I remember turquoise days filled with
Icy clear swimming pools and
Little girls in frilly polka dot bikinis and
Bright sun that made juice boxes sweat

I remember moss green days filled with
A glass mansion amongst the trees
Thick, fluffy, white carpets and
Sitting on the wide deck with birds chirping

I remember coral pink days filled with
Posh jewelry boutiques on
Cobblestone streets with crooked trees and
Eating a fancy lunch under a striped umbrella with
Wrought iron chairs and tables

I remember tangerine days filled with
Orange and green cheerleader uniforms
For your favorite football team and
Sipping sticky frozen lemonade from a styrofoam cup
On a hard plastic seat; with the sun
Slanting at an angle when I stood up to cheer; blinding me

I remember red days filled with
Plump, shiny ripe tomatoes that you
Sprinkled with salt and pepper and then ate whole on the
Tiny counter in the kitchen

But I remember smoldering, midnight black days on the cusp of a fire that
Just dug the knife deeper and cancelled out the rest,
All alone, curled into a ball on my bed
Tears still managing to wiggle free from my eyes even when I
Tried to squeeze them shut

I remember a fully stocked arsenal of curses that you
You didn't even hesitate to throw at me and
A continuous flow of alcohol that you
You couldn't stop, not even for me
Not even when I pleaded.

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