I Am

March 9, 2009
I am the girl who struts
Around school
Because I'm known as the trendsetter
The smartie
The Girl Who Has It All
Blond Hair and Blue eyes
I am the VP, the cherry on top
A takes-no-nonsense girl
Thick skin and a voice
Because I stand up for what I believe in
I am the rock
The only sensible one
The set my goals and prioritize girl
Because I have to be in control
Or everything falls apart
But I want to be vulnerable, too.
Curl, crawl into a tight ball
And be taken care of
I want to be loved and petted
I want someone to tell me
Everything Will Be Okay
But then I'd be a hypocrite
And that wouldn't be who I am either
Who am I?
A quiel soul,
Or a take-charge girl?
I don't know-
And I Am Scared.

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