Caught in the Headlights

March 9, 2009
By Amethysto BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
Amethysto BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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I smile on the outside
I laugh and play along
Deluding myself and others
Trying to pretend my world isn't falling apart
You'll never see who I really am
My screams will never escape
I pretend everything's fine
Praying my mask won't fall away
Fooling everyone with my foolish disguise
They can never know what I've done

She's perfect and pretty but broken inside
I'm her best friend and I swore not to tell
I knew all along three was too many
I should never have let her drive that car.
Now she has to live with what she did forever
How can she laugh and joke with our friends?
The guy who crossed her path last Friday night
He'll never live or laugh again.
She doesn't suffer the consequences.
How can my best friend be so heartless?

His mom sobs against my soldier as the casket is lowered
He was an athlete and a valedictorian, a kind and caring person
His future came crashing down because
Someone gambled with his life. He paid the price.
Now whoever she is, wherever she is, she'll never know our devastation
She'll never know the pain of losing the man she planned to marry
I'll never forget the one responsible
I hope she knows what she's cost me
And feels every stab of guilt and regret she deserves.
My love didn't deserve to be caught in the headlights

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