March 9, 2009
By Maeve Mallory BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Maeve Mallory BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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11:12, just missed the wish.
You always come close but never get that cigar.
With this kind of luck, where's your chance?
When will you ever get too far?
You see that borderline you've been running to.
18 is just a number to write down.
One is standing tall and proud on its own.
The eight goes in circles around and around.
Well, I been stuck on the loops of the eight.
The upcoming 18 may mean much to you.
In this house, we only spy pacifiers and bottles.
You may be in clubs, but I'll be in a diaper of poo.
I've been running only to be smacked by glass.
You fall down with handcuffs on your wrist.
Above you, the throne is laughing.
She doesn't seem to mind if you're pissed.
I think I should be the judge.
Decisions should be made what is best.
I know what I want to do, I know what I should do.
You have no idea, you shouldn't have guessed.
There has never been an I in "We".
You never think about what I feel.
I hope your wallet will be satisifed.
It will take me many years to heal.
My children will fulfill their hopes, dreams, goals.
They will ride on the stars and shoot for the moon.
Someday I will defy gravity and come rocket out of the roof.
I hope it will be someday soon.
11:11 I'll catch you again.
Tomorrow morning it will be.
I will watch the clock and close my eyes.
That little wish will set me free.

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