Night Life

March 9, 2009
By Dougie Vallar BRONZE, Bedford Hills, New York
Dougie Vallar BRONZE, Bedford Hills, New York
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Night Life

I look up,
All I see are millions
Of tiny dots
Staring down at me,
Looking lonely, and tired,
Wanting to move, come alive,
But they can't,
They are stuck,
Stuck forever.

I look up,
There it is.
Big and white in the sky.
Shower all with its
beauty and light.
Shining down to earth,
Giving humans something to
wonder about,
to dream about,
and to smile about.

I look up,
I see movement,
One of the many tiny dots
Shoots over my head and
Across the sky.
It blinks in the distance and
Is gone.

I look up,
The big yellow face that once
Was there,
Was disappearing into the distance,
Fading into the light.

I look up,
Wanting to see the million
Dots, and
The big yellow face.
All I see is blue.
I will have to wait until
another day.

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