How does touch feel?

March 9, 2009
By Brittany. GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
Brittany. GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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We laugh and converse,
This feeling makes it so beautiful.
Sitting down, my head lying in your lap looking up at your handsome face.
You call me beautiful
I giggle with a bashfull face.
You lie back and pull me up toward you.
Now I'm on your chest.
You gaze into my eyes,
I dont want to look away.
You're smile fades, you look at me more deeply and comb your hand through my hair,
Then you whisper something so slowly and soft in a gental voice
"I love you..."
I give you a small warm smile and say it back.
Our hands slide into one anothers,
And our eyes are connected in sight.
I move up closer to you lying right ontop staring at you.
He moves his eyes from mine to gaze at my lips then repeats.
I move my head closer and take a risk.
I press my lips on his and kiss him lovingly as I hold his face and he holds me.
I open my eyes once again, to see the reality... He's not there.

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on Mar. 25 2009 at 4:17 am
splatterpunk PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
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WOW! that is great I realy enjoy your work. Thank you. you are a great help to me right now.

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