My jamaican Warmth

March 9, 2009
By ladylese95 BRONZE, Saint Albans, New York
ladylese95 BRONZE, Saint Albans, New York
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~I'm from the place to be, Jamaica
From the cool breeze, and the palm trees
Back in Jamaica you don't have to try hard
Everyone wants to come to your yard
But Jamaican warmth is knowing the Universe is vast,
It blesses everyone each time we go pass.
~Grandma sitting on the veranda
Grandpa eating mango
Cousin Jay gone to the shop
Little Andrew playing bongo's and he never stops
No matter where I am I have my Jamaican warmth.
~Just a little piece of country doing so great
The big win in Beijing made others hate
The whole world has to give us a standing ovation
Our motto says 'out of many' cause this is one special nation
~When we need to do good we are really great
Just be proud to have Jamaican warmth and appreciate

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