Fear and Doubt

March 9, 2009
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Fear and Doubt are the killers of all spirit,
slowly slicing you apart piece by piece..
They chase you down dark roads, always
on your trail. You look one way and then the other,
searching desperately for a way out, and when
you finally see it and reach for you sanctuary,
your sight blurs as if a black veil has been
placed over your head-It was a trap.

Fear and Doubt, those ghostly beings of nothingness,
melt out of the shadows and drag you,
kicking and screaming in desperation and defeat,
right back in.

You see, it's a game.
They love the chase,
They love the misery that you feel,
the anguish of your spirit,
the frantic beating of your heart.

They chase you over and over again, pushing
you to the brink, waiting until you're at your
weakest; to the point where you will no longer
fight-and then it's over.

You turn and face Fear and Doubt, realization
flowing like lava through your veins, searing off
all the pain that you have ever felt, all of the grief
and desolation that Fear and Doubt have sewn into you.
You realize that Fear and Doubt do not control you;
you control them.

As you turn around, Fear and Doubt melt away,
pooling and dripping into the gutters of the street,
gone'for now. They'll return someday and try
to conquer you once more, that fact is inevitable, but
you accept it, knowing that next time you'll be prepared.

You look up at the stars and admire the beauty
that is your life, and then you walk peacefully away,
not sure of where you're going, but knowing that wherever
the road takes you, you'll be okay.

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