You and me

March 9, 2009
By Tiffanyw BRONZE, Decatur, Arkansas
Tiffanyw BRONZE, Decatur, Arkansas
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You and me together''
I told you no and you just pressured'
You grabbed me and I pulled away'
You hit me and I didn't have anything to say
Me screaming you being rough'
I cry and it makes you feel tough'
You punched my jaw and down I fell'
Get off me I scream I yell
You're back on top of me, and I can't see
All I want is for you to get off of me'
You're hurting me I mean it get off
You're choking me and I start to cough
I'm loosing my breath; can't take this no more'
God please come get me please open the door'
But God said no that very night'
And gave me the strength to give me the fight
'So I get out from underneath you and run for my life
I ran into the kitchen and I grabbed a knife'
You were right in front of me when I tried not to cry'
I stood there protecting myself when I said 'your not my guy'
Your eyes were bloodshot and your hands were shaking'
The way you looked made my heart start quaking
My whole body trembles with fear just from you
From the years to come and what you could do
I can't take this, not no more I say
If you do this again you will never see day
You understand me I'm not taking it next time
Why beat me like this do you want to be mine
I thought long and hard bout what I could do
And we don't need to be together its not me its you
So stay away from me for the rest of my life'
Or God shall help you I will use this knife
Use this knive to save me from you'
I don't care what it might do'
I walk past you and you stay still'
Knowing I had just enough to kill
I get my stuff and I just leave
Thank you God for you to believe
My love for you will be what I remember
But the way you treated me I will have to live with forever
So if your in this situation and can't find a way out
Look up above and you'll find God about
He'll be there for you and help you till the job is done
For there was so many times I wanted to run

Three kids, and one wonderful man
Thank you God for telling me I can

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