He Means So Much To Me

March 9, 2009
By Jaleishia Walton BRONZE, Meigs, Georgia
Jaleishia Walton BRONZE, Meigs, Georgia
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He means so much to me,
And he's where I always want to be.
I love the way he make me smile when I don't want to,
And he's always gentle and kind with everything he do.
It's so amazing how we've manage to put up with each other
I've stayed with you because I truly don't want any other.
You bring me so much happiness
And every time I talk to you; you relieve some stress.
I want you to stay by my side through darkness and light
And be on my side whether I'm wrong or right.
You and I can make this relationship go far if we choose to
So I hope you do, because I don't ever want to lose you.

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