I've gone away and let you down

March 9, 2009
When I first met you, you were just a friend. You didnt mean as much to me as you do now, then. But then I go and turn around. I've gone away and let you down.

Abroken heart's a peircing sound. I heard it crash to the ground. I can hear it, pound pound pound. It gives me sudden chills, I feel your pain and it kills. I wish I never turned around, or walked away and let you down.

I saw you cry and it tore me apart, to see the way I broke your heart. And now it makes me want to die, knowing that I didnt try. I act as if everything's alright. I hide the pain deep inside. We wont give up without a fight, but theres only shame, no more pride. I stare up at the endless sky. It stares on back like a bige blue eye. I cant escape it, it covers the town. Im sorry I went and let you down.

If there was another chance for us to be, i'd find everyway to make you see, that you are amazing, and mean so much to me. If I could wright it, yes every word, I would tell how I feel to the entire world. Just so everyone can really know, the feelings I have but never show. I made you sad, I made you frown. I walked away and let you down.

Walking away is what I regret. Being with you I will never forget. But I let you fall in a harsh way, leaving unsaid things i needed to say. I'm sorry I let you down and went away.

So heres to you my loving friend, whom I will always love until the end.

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