Little Superman

March 9, 2009
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'MOM! Guess what?
Today I learned
how to add five plus three
and I learned
that a verb is what you do
and in art Justin tripped on his shoelace
and paint flew through the air
like a purple dragon!'

I smile and take his hand
as we walk away from the bus stop.
Any second now my little boy will tell me
how Superman saved the day.

'And then at recess
I turned into Superman
to fight off evil polar bears
and save the playground . . .
And you know what else?
Lenny said his gramma
met the guy who invented chocolate chip cookies '
and at lunch Sara laughed so hard
milk shot right out of her nose!
Hey! Let's race! I'm gonna beat you!'

And off he goes with one fist held out in front,
his jacket flapping behind him.
He's ready to conquer the world.
My little Superman.

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