He Says He's Been to California

March 9, 2009
By Kaitlyn Gartner PLATINUM, New Hope, Minnesota
Kaitlyn Gartner PLATINUM, New Hope, Minnesota
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All my life he's told the stories
Traveling around the country
Drugs alcohol and women
His life before the kids
The one he wants to remember
The rest he's trying to forget
Then he gets to California
And at first my ears they listen
But soon I've tuned him out
I've been to California he says
It's amazing
Sunsets on the beach
No need for a car
You'd like it there
I would
But we both know he wont
Be taking me to California
Not this lifetime not ever
He is all talk
Filling my head with California
A California I'd love to forget
It is his California
His snapshot of paradise
I want nothing from him
Not his memories
Not his stories
I will make my own California
Someday I'll escape
He says he's been to California
And no one's heard him yet

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