March 8, 2009
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No. Mabey. Later. Possibly. Not now. I can't. Another day.
That's what you say.
Sometime. Tomorrow? Sorry. We'll do it, you'll see.
You keep saying to me.

Why is it always
Why is there always an excuse
that you use to get away?
Why can't we
ever be together?
If you really love me
why don't you see
that giving gifts
is nothing compared with
giving time?
Why do you always say
'tomorrow' or 'another time'?
When you know that
you're just 'gonna
say no
again, and again, and again?

Why is it always so
Why don't you ever have time
for me?
Why did you ever say to me
'I love you'
when that was not ever
going to pay off?
Mabey you
don't have to
spend every minute
of your time
with me, but
at least tell me
the truth
instead of a lie.

With that small action
you can stop making it so
and make it
a little easier
for me and for you.
Please, just try.

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