Death of Night, Birth of Day

March 8, 2009
By Rachel Brenner BRONZE, Sharon, Massachusetts
Rachel Brenner BRONZE, Sharon, Massachusetts
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We wish for the death of night,
for its darkness to give way to
the bright light of the sunrise.
But for however beautiful it might seem,
there is still more beauty to be seen within
the mysterious darkness of night

And however dark the night might seem,
the sun still battles in form of the moon and stars,
taking pity on blind fools to light our way
along dark paths through hapless wood,
even though we have found ways to
light our own ways through the dim trails.

On these faint trails we discover our own
dark truths, secrets that we tried to keep
buried within the confinements of black
minds and hearts that we surround with
walls of city lights in attempt to hide
from the dark mysteries within ourselves.

It is with the creation of city lights that
the stars have started to disappear into
a smog-filled sky reflecting the blaring
lights of our own demise.
Blocking forever the beauty and mystery
of the black filled night.

We wish for the birth of day,
for the sun to cast warm rays over and
banish the cold mysteries of the night,
to be replaced by the safe walls of light.
But if one delves into the dark, past the
warm, safe walls and into the cold black
you never know what mysteries you
will be able to uncover.

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on Mar. 20 2009 at 3:02 pm
Wow thats an amazing poem. I love it alot ^_^

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