A Sleepless Night

March 8, 2009
How cold it is,
When the wind howls
Opening doors
To our darkest hours
Speaking words
That no one dares
But only the frightened
Souls can hear.

When at night
Tucked in my bed
Life slows down
Time is dead,
The world stops turning
Wile I imagine
What this could be.

The night itself,
Without a dream
Filled with dreaded
What will come
of all the ones,
The ones who told us not to run?

Drifting into
a sleepless night,
Staring through
your closing eyes,
Chilling thoughts
rush down your spine
Stabbing memories
flood your mind.

What are you
listening for?
The steady creak
of an open door
Dust and dirt
Rise from the ground
Yet all the rest of
The world is sound.

But then the sun
begins to shine
Breaking through
The dreadful night
Opening up
The darkened clouds
And you forget
What it was all about.

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