March 8, 2009
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Refusing to linger
Leaving behind a feeling that something is not right

Heart starts to waver
Racing for no reason
A cloud emerges
Imminent and threatening

Should have
Could have
What if

What now

Let me go
I can't do this right now

Happiness eludes me
Leaving with a sneer
Teasing and escaping
All that's left is fear

Sleep deprived
Take a step back

Motivation could work wonders
If only with some effort
If only with more time

Don't do this

Step out
Things always work out
This just might be ugly
This just might be hard

But things are not that simple
They never really were
And if you thought you'd get on through
No pain and no regrets
Then you thought wrong
Cuz this melody doesn't rhyme
And I'm not keeping time
And now the good things drift away

Now the thoughts will pray
Upon the shining sun
Now the thoughts will take, not give
And now we're all done

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