A girl like me

March 8, 2009
lets put on the eyes of a girl that has seen it all
a girl that has cried so many more tears then was needed
a girl that seen horror and missery to the darkest point
a girl that shows no sunshine in her eyes but held back tears that seemed to dwell there for years
a girl that saw no faith but hardships and pain
a girl that glissins not in hope but determination
a girl like me

Lets put on the lips of a gurl that spoke with out a point
a girl that has said so little
a girl that never smile genually
a girl that caught her feeling in her throat
a girl that hide life behind a broken smile
a girl that see's no point in what came out her mouth weither it be needed or not
a girl like me

lets put on the fingers of a girl that loses her sense
a girl that touches but never feels love
a girl that cant even feel pain beyound belief
a girl that knows not of a caress
a girl that doesnt feel gental touches
a girl that has been burned emotionally
a girl like me

lets put on the ears of a girl that heard it all

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XostephybabayoX said...
May 20, 2009 at 9:09 pm
this is really good.
i can relate to this.
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