March 8, 2009
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have you ever listened to the silence?
or watched the world go by?
do you see the things that are hidden
within the depths of someones eyes?

silence can burn
can eat away
sometimes taking more than words
how much can silence truly say?

do you let the word go unsaid?
though it aches to tell
leaving you to ponder the things that could have been
even though you dont want to dwell.

do you overlook the little things
that arn't so little at heart?
tell yourself this is best,
you're just being smart.

Slience says a lot
or leaves a lot unsaid
letting uncertainty creep in
bringing on the dread

noise can cover silence
can hide it all away
but silence always lingers
in the things you do not say.

Have you ever listened to the silence?
Or watched the world go by?
Truly listened?
Truly seen?
or do you simply dream?

whos to say whats real
when so much goes on unsaid
how much can silence take?
how much can silence give?

when does silence become
the only thing that's left to say?

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