March 8, 2009
By MAhANA96817 BRONZE, Honolulu, Hawaii
MAhANA96817 BRONZE, Honolulu, Hawaii
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Arising, moments before the sun
Creeping slyly, and silently through the house
Like a spirit drifting around unnoticed

Unlocking the front door, and stepping outside
the mornings only light radiating from the streetlight
The cool winds startled me, as it whipped at my face

Sitting on the wall, I awaited, anxious
I turned toward the heavens, as the sun crept up
Chasing away the darkness of yesterday

Leaving behind shades of blues, and yellows
With streaks of lavender and pink
Everything was peaceful, and sane

In those few seconds I was able to be liberated
Of the four white walls of my mind
That ensnared me in an abyss of negativity

And I could finally breathe
With no regrets in my past
Or worries for my future

The author's comments:
i just made a poem out of what i was feeling at the time. It was a moment that stayed with me for a while, so i decided to write about it. I wanted other people to get what i was trying to describe, and what i i hope i Achieved that

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