alone in the rain

March 8, 2009
By PrincessSandra BRONZE, Fort Lupton, Colorado
PrincessSandra BRONZE, Fort Lupton, Colorado
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Under the dark sky,
I go out for a walk in the cool breeze.
There's thunder booming, and rain pouring.
But it doesn't bother me at all.
I'm all alone,
It's just me and my ipod.
I turn up my music full blast.
The sound of the music,
And the raindrops shattering as they hit the ground,

Blend perfectly.
I walk in the rain with my hood on,

I look up and see the dark sky,
And cool drops of rain fall on my face.
Then I look around.
I see the empty streets.
It's as if everyone's gone.
Like I'm supposed to be alone.
I'm supposed to think.
And just take time on my own,
To calm down,
And forget all the bad.
I realize what may have mattered only moments ago,
No longer does because in the end
There's so much to be thankful for.
I continue to walk, and think.
And I become more and more relaxed.
Sometimes all I need,
Is time to think,
And a moment to just breathe..

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