The Forest

March 8, 2009
By Victoria Inglis BRONZE, Pomptain Plains, New Jersey
Victoria Inglis BRONZE, Pomptain Plains, New Jersey
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My eyes close
I travel Far away
Across the sea and through time
I go to my own world
My world is forest
In the middle is a lake
On the lake is an island
Alone, on the island, stands a tree
The Tree is older than time
It is larger than a house
On the side of the tree is a hole
The hole is covered by animal skin
I push past the skin with ease
Inside is my home
My home has three rooms
The top room is my bedroom
In the room is a bed made of bark
The bark was woven and covered by dried plants
Across the room is a chest made of a tree trunk
The middle room is a kitchen and living room
On one side of the room is a fireplace
On they other is a bench made from a log
The last room stores my food for winter
Even my fantasy has seasons
I leave the tree and walk through the forest
I come to a large wooden door
I open the door unwillingly
Through it I enter reality, but it is only a matter of time before'
I go back to my home in a large tree on the lake

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