Piece of Me

March 8, 2009
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Can't you see?
Can't you see the part of me you tore out?
Or do you just not care?
I know you had to leave
But you didn't have to lie
Didn't have to toy with girls' hearts like laying cards
Carelessly discarding the one you have when you see another
Better suited to you for a moment

I don't want to see you
But you're always there
And I can't stand to look into you r eyes
Your eyes
No matter how much you've hurt me,

they pull me in
Like a moth toward the light
And I can't stand to hear your voice
Your beautiful voice
The voice you used so often to tell me you loved me
And I can't stand to catch your scent
Your leather jacket and cologne
The smell that filled me when I laid

my head on your chest
And I can't stand to hear you sing
Like you always do
That song you always sang to

make me laugh
And I can't stand to see your smile
Your smile
That thing that pulled me to you in the first place

plays havoc with my heart
And makes the dull pain in my stomach
Twist, and wrench, and burn

I'll get over you, the pain you've caused
But the piece of me you've taken

will leave a scar
And for now, the would is open, fresh,

and painful
And I miss the words, the hugs, the songs just for me

You left a hole, and I'm just waiting for it to be filled

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