My Question for You

March 8, 2009
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should I think
you tell me these things
over and

feel sorry
because it's
so awful
but I wonder
are you telling the truth
or seeking

How much energy
do I devote?
I want to help
a struggling friend
and if that's you
I'll go around the world and back

if you're lying
which happens
so often,
I'm wasting
my time.

I ask
for his
miraculous powers
to get you out
of the pit

You say
you're out
And then
you fall
Right back
to where you were

I'll be
your friend
but you can't
take up my life if you're

If you need help

I will offer it
A friend

I will be it
A should to cry on

I will give it
An ear to listen

I will lend it
Someone to drink in your lies

I will walk away

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