Drifting Away

March 8, 2009
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I want to be alone
I want a place to call home
I want to be free
I want to believe
That everything is right for me
Drifting away from reality
Now I am in my own idealistic world

I am surrounded by positivity
All the negativity is locked out by a door
It was vaporized in a black hole
Drifting away from situations that I do not need to deal with
I am trying to let go and be free with it
My imagination is the only sanity left of it

Feeling claustrophobic I need to go outside and breathe
The world is cramping my vessels in my brain
Can not take no more of the suffer and pain
Lost between words of what I am trying to say
Drifting away because its the only way to deal
Deal with nothing anymore I just crash it in between these walls
These walls are my imagination and I will daydream if my life depended on it

Drifting away I see you in a few years
Maybe I will come back not disappointed
My eyes will not fill with tears again
I will leave and live my world of daydream
I am sheltered in my own mind no one can take that away from me
Just let me be, just let me be free
I am drifting away slowly can not you see, can not you feel me

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