Zero Man (nosensical at best)

March 8, 2009
By LibbyL PLATINUM, Layton, Utah
LibbyL PLATINUM, Layton, Utah
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Strutting into town is the zero man.
He is nothing, knows not nothing.
He's got a monkey and an egg roll
He's not anything of nobody.
He got the touch of villain,
He's like you.
He's like me.
He moves with psychotic fingers
And pushes the sidewalk with cardboard boxes.
He's slumming the guitar,
Strumming the city.
Pay attention to the long hair,
The short hair,
The broken clothes.
He's a creeper and a breezy breaker.
The devils advocate,
The ultimate message.
The prophet of God
The yearlong Elvis lip,
The ready paint thinner.
The contradiction and the unnerving janitorial closet.
The objection, the sustained. Also the overruled.
Make up your mind, zero man.
Fly the kite.

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