The Greatest of Alter Egos, part 4

March 8, 2009
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Part Four
There first came silence to my untested ears
Then my voice broke the quiet like a cracking whip;
That is wrong, said I, God is without blemish or flaw
He is as perfect as His every law,
Otherwise how could he maintain His lordship
Over Heaven, Earth, and our millions of peers?

But if He is perfect, asked a member of the crowd,
Why has vice, disease, and war entered our Earth
When only the goodly things are allowed
To enter our minds since our modest birth?

Another man piped in to add to the claim,
He asked if God is perfect would he not pity
Us, his subjects, the people who praise His name;
Would He not choose to suffer because His sympathy?

The man of my pact again came up to console,
And said that He cannot destroy vice for that is an act
That would destroy He Himself as well as the Devil
For they are one and the same, parts of one whole,
And it is the knowledge of these egos that extract
The human suffering from God's honest council.

Now, he continued with a pause, for my last cajole,
God is given the trade of judging each and every soul,
Yet according to you He is without flaws or fetters
And therefore cannot understand us petty creatures,
But to us He is faulty and has at least one mind of crime
So His judgments can know both our lowest and our prime

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