The Greatest of Alter Egos, part 2

March 8, 2009
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Part Two
Beyond the gate huts and homes were set
Around a fire and a singing octet;
The former was large, the latter profound,
And when their melodies came to surround
My untested ears, my doleful head
I felt as if my trepidation had fled.

It did not take long for them to find
A stranger standing at their front door;
The music stopped and the wild men came
With every intention to tie and bind
Me to a post, a tree, or to the cold, hard floor
Because had put their song to silent shame.

I had nothing to give in the way of a boon,
So in a different effort for freedom I tried to ask
Which wonderful lyrics were given the task
Of joining hands with such a lofty tune?

They first laughed at my meaningful jest
Not seeing my admiration for their song,
But one stepped up and said he would explain
If I would give not a single protest
When I was told to no longer prolong
My stay in their limited terrain.

It was easy to agree to this contract
For reasons as a God-given omen,
But I wondered at the kindness of the one
Who offered to give me the helpful pact.

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