The Greatest of Alter Egos, part 3

March 8, 2009
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Part Three
He said they sang a song of worship,
A song dedicated to their single God
A God alone in his awesome might
A God of virgins and of clear light
A God seeking vice and sinful fraud
And a God of every man's final crypt.

But no, said I, that is not His way
He is good, just, and entirely pure;
He would never seek vice on any day
It is the Devil would seek such a lure.

They laughed still more when I said that
Except the one who gave me the story in full,
With a mild tone he asked if I could go
And tell him of a person with more than one ego,
A person with multiple minds in his skull
Who could be an ecologist and a bureaucrat.

I thought for a moment then said yes
I knew a man who was known to express
Violence and peace during the same hour
And had, what doctors call, Dissociative Identity Disorder.

With a smile the man said I had hit the mark,
That I had given the greatest point of their creed
In mentioning the precise syndrome
Which God himself, our highest monarch,
Possessed and which caused His lead
To waver as much as a drunken gnome's.

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